Suluban Beach

suluban beach

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Suluban beach is one of the world class surfing beach located just a few minutes from Villa Maha in Balangan. The beach located just a bit north from Uluwatu temple is the actual site of the famous uluwatu surf break. Together with the Uluwatu beach, Labuan Sait beach welcoming the wave chasing surfers from around the world.

Suluban beach can be reached in two ways. The first is the turn right before the Pecatu village chief office where this road goes to Pafdang padang beach, Labuan Sait beach and also goes to Suluban beach and Uluwatu temple. The other road is turn right at the Uluwatu temple and within less than a kilometers take left at the juctions and you will find the access road to Suluban beach at the end.

The name Suluban beach was taken from the Balinese language of "Mesulub" which literary means to bow down. Maybe because to enter this surfing mecca surfers must bow down when passing the crevice between boulders that pretty much resembles a cave before reaching the beach. Many people associated this beach with Blue Point Beach as since the Blue Point Bay Villas loacted at the top of Suluban beach.

As you can see from the images on top, the Suluban beach blessed with panoramic and breathtaking view of the Indian ocean. To reach to the beach one must decending into steep stairs around 50 meters down, the access maybe hard but it will be worthed when you see the turquoise blue waters and pounding waves below.

If you are a surfer then you will be offered by massive waves from 3 to 12 feet which is why the Suluban beach and its adjancent Uluwatu beach geared towards pro surfers. The best day to surf here will be on dry season from April to August.

balangan beach

Balangan beach

Maha villa located around 2km from the Balangan beach. This is one of the beach around Jimbaran which has wonderful sunset, white sandy beach and also great waves for surfing.

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jimbaran seafood

Jimbaran Seafood

Maha villa located quite near from Jimbaran beach seafood cafes. Take a drive around 2km at the back of the villa and follow along the road that lead to the Four Season resorts.

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jimbaran golf

Pecatu golf

If you love to play some golf then the Maha villa is just around 15 minutes from Pecatu Indah Golf or Dreamland beach. This is one of the beachfront golf course on the island of Bali

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