Prevent Covid-19 Through the Role of Indigenous Villages in Bali

Prevent Covid-19 Through the Role of Indigenous Villages in Bali

Social ties that occur between traditional villages and communities in Bali, are considered to be one of the effective keys in various efforts to prevent COVID-19. Therefore the existence of the traditional village has an important role in regulating its citizens in complying with the health protocol.

A number of traditional villages in Bali have also taken various steps and implemented sanctions as an effort to foster community, because after carrying out various surveillance efforts carried out in a persuasive manner, residents were still found to be still violating rules to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

For example, Jimbaran Traditional Village, Badung Regency, Bali. The customary village imposes customary sanctions in the form of community service to clean the environment for three consecutive days for residents who break the rules.

After the customary sanctions were imposed and widely discussed on social media, Made Budiarta as the head of the Jimbaran Indigenous Village said violations of the COVID-19 health protocol in the area around Jimbaran including the Balangan beach dropped dramatically. Intaran Indigenous Village in Sanur, Denpasar City, also took the same steps to break the chain of COVID-19 distribution.

With the mutual assistance efforts carried out by various parties, especially in the customary village area, it is hoped that the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic will not be more widespread and community activities including tourism activities on the Island of the Gods that are currently experiencing a downturn can recover and return to normal.

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balangan beach

Balangan beach

Maha villa located around 2km from the Balangan beach. This is one of the beach around Jimbaran which has wonderful sunset, white sandy beach and also great waves for surfing.

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jimbaran seafood

Jimbaran Seafood

Maha villa located quite near from Jimbaran beach seafood cafes. Take a drive around 2km at the back of the villa and follow along the road that lead to the Four Season resorts.

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jimbaran golf

Pecatu golf

If you love to play some golf then the Maha villa is just around 15 minutes from Pecatu Indah Golf or Dreamland beach. This is one of the beachfront golf course on the island of Bali

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