In the Middle of Corona Outbreak, Balangan Beach and Canggu Beach are Total Closed

balangan beach closed

A number of people and tourists in Badung Regency still have problems with wandering around the beach in the midst of the outbreak of Covid-19. Inevitably, this stubborn behavior makes sultry locals around. Residents along with village officials and the local environment immediately took a firm step by blocking access to the beach.

As in Balangan Beach, South Kuta District, Badung, Sunday (3/29/2020). Pecalang together with the local neighborhood chief closed access to Balangan Beach because people are still flocking to the beach amid government efforts to prevent the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

Head of North Kuta I Ketut Gede Arta said that the closure of Balangan Beach access was done because there were reports of persistent residents coming to the beach.

There was a report from the Cenggiling residents who were stubborn to the beach on Saturday (28/3/2020). Even though Balangan Beach is no longer available for local residents or tourists, "said Ketut Gede Arta.

The closure was carried out directly by Pecalang together with the head of the local village environment.

"The situation of access to Balangan Beach has been closed as of today (last Sunday) date (9/29/2020)," said Gede Arta.

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balangan beach

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