Bali Keeps Promoting Through Digital

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Bali, as a barometer of Indonesia, previously targeted tourist arrivals of up to 7 million by 2020, due to the pandemic, it suffered losses of up to IDR 9.7 trillion due to the impact of the closure of tourism, continues to promote through digital as a readiness for future tourism.

This was conveyed by Deputy Governor of Bali Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Cok Ace) when asked as a resource person in the SESPIBI program (Bank Indonesia High School Leadership), Friday (4/9). Deputy Governor Cok Ace said that the Covid-19 Pandemic taught that all parties, especially tourism actors, began to make improvements, especially in attracting tourists who aim to get or improve the quality of tourism, where tourism in the future will not only provide specific economic growth for actors and entrepreneurs, but tourism quality is expected to be able to provide benefits for the welfare and quality of life for the Balinese people as a whole.

In handling Covid-19, the Regional Government is seriously making a number of efforts to restore Bali's economy, hopefully everything can be assisted and supported by the wider community. Because fostering accommodation during a labor-intensive and capital-intensive pandemic is urgently needed, the problems we face are about human resources (HR) and invested capital.

"We recommend that all parties, both the government and business actors, begin to consider ways forward so that it does not rely solely on one area, namely tourism. In the third quarter there is no more financial channels, the government only relies on the APBD and APBN, causing the money in circulation to be very small and powerful. People buy very high.

Dependence on tourism causes the same as pulling a cart with one horse so it is necessary to think about how we prepare another horse for the future, like a carriage, at this time we are stumbling because it is pulled by one horse only, and it needs to be considered about additional horses in the future, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, "said Deputy Governor Cok Ace.

Since the beginning, the concentration of the economy in Bali has been based on tourism, so that the development of tourism in Bali has actually been built since 1930, so that one thing that is very basic is an interest in Balinese culture, where Bali, which was not familiar with promotional media at that time, only relied on promotion from word of mouth, so that the development of tourism in the 1970s became a milestone in the highest tourism boom which was a civilization and experience which was then developed towards a quality Bali.

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balangan beach

Balangan beach

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Jimbaran Seafood

Maha villa located quite near from Jimbaran beach seafood cafes. Take a drive around 2km at the back of the villa and follow along the road that lead to the Four Season resorts.

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Pecatu golf

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