Tour in Bali with Kids


The island of Bali has a good warm weather which is an advantage for having a family vacation in Bali. So when choosing the island of Bali it is better to know the best time to come because the island has 2 weather, the dry and wet weather. Coming to Bali with kids on wet weather would not as easy as on dry weather. April to September will be the best time to come to Bali, though the island will be crowded with tourists but some part of the island still can be a perfect family destination.

Balangan beach is one of the best place for family vacation for several reason. The beach still have its pristine surrounding not like Kuta beach and even on high season the beach is not as crowded as Kuta beach so you still be able to have a family time by the beach.

So staying near from Balangan beach will be the best option for your family vacation. Though its still quite far from the night life at Kuta and Seminyak but when you stay at our Villa Maha, you can have a car available for you with driver for the lenght of your stay with just a small amount of money. By using our private car you can get around easily even with all of your kids also coming along.

We can also arrange for a babysitter while you are away on a tour around Bali so yur kids will have fun at the pool while you are having tour around the island of Bali. This is the advantage of having a private villa on your tour in Bali with your kids. Your kids will stay in the villa like staying on their own home while our babysitter will taking care of them carefully while you are away. This is like having a discount for your vacation on the island of Bali

balangan beach

Balangan beach

Maha villa located around 2km from the Balangan beach. This is one of the beach around Jimbaran which has wonderful sunset, white sandy beach and also great waves for surfing.

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jimbaran seafood

Jimbaran Seafood

Maha villa located quite near from Jimbaran beach seafood cafes. Take a drive around 2km at the back of the villa and follow along the road that lead to the Four Season resorts.

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jimbaran golf

Pecatu golf

If you love to play some golf then the Maha villa is just around 15 minutes from Pecatu Indah Golf or Dreamland beach. This is one of the beachfront golf course on the island of Bali

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